Graduation Requirements

SC High School Diploma Requirements

To qualify for a state high school diploma, a student must earn a total of twenty-four units of credit in state-approved courses distributed as follows:

Unit Requirements

English/Language Arts






U.S. History and Constitution




U.S. Government


Other Social Studies


Physical Education or Junior ROTC


Computer Science (including Keyboarding)[FN1]


Foreign Language [FN2] or Occupational Education [FN2]




Total [FN3]



[FN1] For all Business and Marketing computer courses, Keyboarding for a half-credit or the equivalent keyboarding skill based on the Keyboarding course competencies is a prerequisite.

[FN2] For a student in a College Prep program to meet the state high school diploma requirements, one unit must be earned in a foreign language (most four-year colleges/universities require at least two units of the same foreign language); for a student in a Tech Prep program, one unit must be earned in Career and Technology Education.

[FN3] The student must demonstrate computer literacy before graduation.

Additional Requirements:

  1. The student must complete a study of and pass an examination on the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers, and American institutions and ideals. This instruction shall be given for a period of at least one year or its equivalent with the required U.S. History course. 
  2. The student must have attended the accredited high school issuing the diploma for at least the semester immediately preceding graduation, except in case of a bona fide change of residence where the sending school will not grant the diploma. Units earned in a summer school program do not satisfy this requirement. 
  3. A student may transfer credit earned in the adult education program to a secondary school to count toward the units of credit required for a state high school diploma, if for each unit being transferred a minimum of one hundred twenty hours has been spent in class time in that subject at that level and the teacher was properly certified to teach the course.
  4. No student shall be allowed to apply to the units required for a state high school diploma more than six units earned in summer school, and/or through approved correspondence courses, and/or through adult education programs.
  1. The student must pass the state exit examination.
  1. To be a tech prep completer, students must earn four units in the same occupational area.
  2. All students must take Comprehensive Health Education (CHE) or its equivalent before graduation.

Grade Classifications

Students must meet the following basic requirements to be classified in the following grade levels.

9th grade

Promotion from the 8th grade

10th grade

5 units

1 must be a required language arts unit and 1 must be a required math unit

11th grade

10 units

2 must be required language arts units and two must be required math units

12th grade

16 units

3 must be required language arts units or student must be currently enrolled in coursework that will permit graduation by the end of the school year


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