Driving and Parking

Driving and Parking Regulations
Student parking at DWD is a privilege open to eligible students who are both licensed and responsible drivers who have completed the Alive@25 safety program. Student parking permits cost $25. In order to be eligible to purchase a parking permit, a student must be free and clear of all past due fines, including lunch accounts.

DWD's main goal regarding student parking is to provide adequate parking in an atmosphere of safety for every individual. Each driver and user of the parking facilities can help to bring this goal to reality by observing certain guidelines:

1. To be properly authorized for parking at DWD, a vehicle must display an appropriate parking permit on the rearview mirror and a vehicle must also display the state-issued motor vehicle license tag (or the driver must be able to prove that the tag has been requested).

2. A student cannot park on campus without a parking permit unless given permission by an administrator.

3. Always follow the rules, regulations, and safe driving practices required by the state of South Carolina.

4. Students will park only in their designated parking space.

5. Students are to get out of vehicles and enter the school upon arrival in the morning.

6. Students are to turn down vehicle stereos/radios upon entering campus. At no time during the school day are students
allowed to go to their cars, sit in cars, or play radios.

7. The maximum speed allowed in the parking lot is 15 m.p.h.

8. Any display of recklessness, irresponsibility, or disregard for the safety of an individual at any time, may result in the
revocation of a student's parking privilege for a time to be determined by the administration.

9. Violation of parking/driving guidelines will result in appropriate action being taken by the administration. Multiple or
repeated violations will result in the revocation of a student's parking privilege and/or other appropriate disciplinary action.

10. In the afternoon please exercise extreme caution, patience and tolerance. Concentrate on good driving and safety. Watch
out for others.

11. In case of an accident please report to the office immediately. Failure to report an accident will result in revocation of
driving privileges.

12. Students are to leave campus immediately when they get to their cars. Students are not to congregate in the parking lot.

13. The rescinding of a student's parking privilege may be used as a disciplinary consequence for inappropriate behavior.

14. Parking violations can result in tickets/fines or loss of parking privileges.

15. Vehicles on campus are subject to search.

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