This Week at DWD

This Week at DWD
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Daniel High School will again be on regular schedule Monday through Thursday of this week.  Friday will be a HUB schedule with a 20-minute HUB after second period.  Tuesday evening Daniel will also be hosting our annual Community Awards Ceremony in the Auditorium at 7 PM.  The Air Force Junior ROTC will also be holding their awards ceremony on Thursday.

A variety of our spring sports teams are in action this week.  Both girls softball and boys tennis will be hosting the first round of the playoffs this Thursday.  The track teams will also be participating in the Region Championships at Wren on Thursday.  Good luck to all of our teams this week!

The final exam schedule for this year has also been released.  It is posted below.  Finally, Friday, May 4, will be our annual Awards Day ceremony.  Yearbooks will be distributed on this day and Senior Fest activities will take place in the afternoon.  A schedule for this day is posted at the bottom of the page.  Any students signing out on this day must have a written note from a parent or guardian turned in by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 1.

Have a great week!

May 15 3B, 4B Senior Exams
May 16 3A, 4A Senior Exams
May 17 1B, 2B Senior Exams
May 18 1A, 2A Senior Exams

May 29 3A, 4A Underclassmen Exams
May 30 3B, 4B Underclassmen Exams
May 31 1A, 2A Underclassmen Exams (1/2 Day AM) 
June 1 1B, 2B Underclassmen Exams (1/2 Day AM)

 Regular Bell Schedule

First period         8:10-9:40

Second Period   9:45-11:15

Third Period with First Lunch                                                       Third Period with Second Lunch

3rd Period            11:20 -11:25                                                       Third Period       11:20-12:50

First Lunch          11:25-11:55                                                        Second Lunch    1:20-1:50

Third Period       12:00 - 1:30                                                         3rd Period            1:25 – 1:30

Fourth Period    1:35-3:05

HUB Bell Schedule

First period                         8:10 – 9:35

Second Period                   9:40 – 11:05

HUB                                       11:10 – 11:30

Third Period with First Lunch                                                                       Third Period with Second Lunch

First Lunch          11:35 – 12:05                                                                     Third Period       11:35 – 1:00

Third Period       12:10 – 1:35                                                                        Second Lunch    1:00 – 1:30

                                                                                                                                Return for pick up  1:30 – 1:35

                                                                Fourth Period                    1:40 – 3:05

First lunch: Please note that we do not have the five minutes at the start of third period before students head to lunch.  Allow students to come by your room to drop off their items before heading directly to lunch. 

Second lunch: At the end of second lunch a bell will ring at 1:30 to give students at lunch five minutes to head back to class before the 1:35 bell will ring to end third period.


Awards Day Bell Schedule  Friday, May 4

First period8:10-8:45 (will call for underclassmen to gym)

  •  Awards Ceremony & Lip Dub 9:00-10:45

  • Lip Dub Will Immediately Follow Ceremony

  • Second Period10:45-12:00

    Yearbooks Will Be Distributed During Second Period

  • Third Period12:05-12:10 (for attendance and dropping off books)


  • Combined Lunch12:10-1:15

       - Third Period    1:20 – 1:55

    - Fourth Period       2:00 - 3:05

    Faculty vs. Student Basketball Game During 4th Period


    Special Notes:

  • All DWD Career Center students will remain at DWD on Friday; they should report to the cafeteria when not at awards ceremony
  • Students will be dismissed from the Awards Ceremony to assigned locations for Lip Dub
  • Seniors will dismiss from Gym to Auditorium for Lip Dub, Sr. Video, and Sr. Fest



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